A Perfect Christmas Gift That Keeps Giving

With Christmas fast approaching, finding that perfect gift idea is tricky.

At Only Orb, we recently released five new refillable, Australian made and beautifully scented candles and diffuser oils that make for the best holiday gift.

The Only Orb "Haute Couture" scent range now extends to incorporate these gorgeous, Christmas scented fragrances.

“Scent is the most intense form of memory”

What we love about this new range is that the Yuletide scents evoke memories of a Christmas past or become a special part of creating fond, new ones with your family and friends.

As decorations go up across stores in Australia, the opportunity to find the perfect gift is upon us. The gift of an Only Orb refillable candle or diffuser is giving a present that is both timeless and thougthful.  

The new Only Orb range comes in either the smaller clear glass, teak cap option or gorgeous coloured glass orbs that have been tailor made to cover the full Christmas palette. 

The crispness of "Snowflake" with cinnamon and juniper berries; the warm glow from "Noel": with it’s undertones of pear and spice; the dreamy scent of "With Love" and the plum and clove aroma; feel "In Peace" when you burn the organic scent of fir balsam and bergamot and finally enjoy the heavenly scent of "Bauble’s" fruitiness derived from the beloved plum pudding.

Paired together with their eye catching packaging we believe that as far as gift giving goes, an Only Orb hand poured bespoke Christmas candle or diffuser makes the perfect gift for family, friends and especially loved ones.

As with many products, Christmas stock is limited. You can check the Only Orb Stockist for your nearest retailer or jump online and buy directly from our store.

This year, more than ever, is a year to be close to family and friends, give thanks and be grateful for all the we have - health, happiness and one another.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas season,

The Only Orb Team