'In an era of perfection and symmetry, how astounding and refreshing to find a beautiful bespoke item.'

Sustainable teak

Only Orb has sourced its teak (tectona grandis) from the island of Java. The teak used in our hand turned orb vessels comes from ecologically managed and sustainable plantations in Central Java, Indonesia. The Indonesian government agency, Perum Perhutani, are responsible for managing a strict policy regarding the size and quantity of trees felled each year together with annual replanting.


With a 166-year-old family heritage in fragrances, our oil supplier shares a belief that the sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of memory. Since 1855, our fragrance suppliers have been creating artistic and exclusive fragrance blends with an heirloom that has been passed down to a 4th generation. Renowned for handpicking the best fragrance notes from the most exotic locations in the world to create our signature blends, our oils come to you as a mix of essential raw and hybrid blends.

from the founders

As the Founders of Only Orb Luxe Products we have always been drawn to beautiful, timeless product. Our belief is that such elements within the home enhance a commodity high on most people's wish list - a harmonious lifestyle. Our desire to produce a modest vessel made from raw, yet luxurious material, saw the evolution of the refillable teak orb.


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